The most skilled Openstack member in LATAM

Virtualization and Cloud are not synonymous. We (including You) certainly know that long time ago, right? You can even provide cloud-hosting services not using any hyper-visor at all. That sounds pretty basic, but a not less important part of companies in LATAM are just discovering this, most of them attracted by the economic benefits and to stay competitive and agile.

Cloud today is defined on SEXY words like Automation, Orchestration, online Chargeback and immediate Elasticity. Nowadays the go-to market for this sort of services need to be in just months or even weeks. The best way to do that, IMHO, is not reinventing the wheel butbuild our solutions based on standards and proved technologies. Openstack doesn’t need to show anything else to fit on this statement and to prove that it is a platform with high potential for any company. Companies such as IBM have seen that and have decided to base their developing of converged infrastructure on this technology, in spite of what Mr. Perelli has written on his blog.


We have started 12 months ago with our first Openstack initiative, and some weeks after this we managed to put it on production to offer a full-orchestrated Virtual Private Severs (VPS) to the SMB market in Mexico and Central America through Our first version was based on the ESSEX release, that had not so many Openstack features as it is offered today. Honestly, we have learned that SMB market, although they push you to always keep lower prices, most of them deploy critical applications for their business with higher demand of resources that we had expected and that expectations were based on what most known cloud providers offered by then.

Today, we are in HAVANA, the eighth release of OpenStack, with a much better complex architecture and more features like the following ones:

  • It offers features like HEAT, which help you to create templates of virtual stacks including servers, network, routers, load balancers and security. AWESOME! 😉 Then, you can have a complete portal with web, applications, load balancers and database servers saved to some point in time in your shared library of applications so that you can use them as many times as you need to provisiona complete platform in minutes. How much time/money can you save with it?
  • It manages compatibility with Amazon Cloud Formation format templates, to easy any migration process.
  • You can get your resource usage over the time directly from the dashboard in form of charts and detailed reports.
  • This version can manage threshold values to provision additional instances automatically if the demand of resources increases.
  • It provides Load Balancers and VPN as a Service Features.
  • And a more mature Neutron project to work with SDN components like routers and networks.

Also, we replaced all our storage SATA hard drives with SSD technology to save your data on our Block Storage on demand service based on CEPH – we spent weeks trying to figure out what storage technology could fit better in terms of price, price and price… and also integration, availability, performance, efficiency and scalability watching beautiful vendors as SolidFire, xtremIO and Violin Memory (it doesn’t mean they are not good enough, it’s just they didn’t fit in).

As you can see, it has been a vertiginous road since we started, we are really happy to be at the level we are right now. Our beginning wasn’t perfect, but it was rather in time, and now we can say: We are the first service provider in LATAM to be member of the foundation and to release services on top of this technology. We bet on people and resources to demonstrate that to customers and partners.

Thanks to Omar Lara and his team for their continuous enthusiasm to build and re-build this solution and specially to Francisco Araya for supporting me with this note.

Thanks to team (Ramón, Luis, Gerardo.) for supporting us on this project at the beginning as our first partner

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