What is your favorite Cloud flavor?

Today’s Cloud Providers cannot play with only one product to attend to the market demand. Just a couple of years ago we used to have “the” cloud service to attend to all our requirements. At that time we have realized that costs, business objectives and legal/regulatory issues could change the way that customers consume it. To mention some examples here are: sensitive business data does need to be in country by law, that make customers look for local Cloud providers or  maybe your need to be in compliance with some security standards like PCI and that makes you look for a more customize stack with specific security components and configurations.

We spend some time to develop a complete portfolio to provide a better market coverage in the most efficient way… so far:

  • Enterprise Shared Cloud (a.k.a our Kloud Enterprise Edition): This service is planned for customers who require world-class components as a warranty for performance and supportability. This service is intended to compete with local providers and on-premise solutions. Customer is more interested to keep his current administration and corporate practices centered in consolidation strategy throughout computing virtualization. Orchestration and automation is not a must, flexibility to meet regulations are prioritize over them. No concerns to share IT resources in a Multi-Tenant Format to reduce so much cost as possible. Full advanced managed services are required to keep everything “up and running”, and usually we have to face complex environments with traditional applications and databases.
  • Public Cloud (a.k.a. our Kloud Open Edition based on Openstack): More advanced users are hungry for automation. Orchestration and Rest-Full access to manage all components is a must. Bring virtual stack to speed Platform provisioning is highly attractive. All IT components need to be provided in as-a-service model: Firewall, Load Balancers, Routers, Networks, etc. Compatibility for templates and APIs with World-Named providers (Amazon, Rackspace, etc.) are required to be competitive. The administration usually depends directly on the customer, but we have to be prepared to offer advanced services on application design based on any of these pretty new technologies like NoSQL databases, or wordpress, etc.
  • Cloud Privado (a.k.a. our Kloud Full Private): the operation for some Customers requires meeting some stringent industry regulations (financial, government, etc.). This service brings a PaaS model on a dedicated infrastructure that helps users to speed provisioning. Specific hardware and software pieces need to be added and automated to accomplish higher security without failing to take into account the agility of the solution. It needs to be charged “as a service” business model to make it attractive to consolidate different departments and their development teams to lower costs. Therefore, all IT components, software and hardware need to be fully automated in order to reduce any intervention from third parties as an access control procedure.
  • Cloud PaaS for SAP (a.k.a. SAP On-Demand): SAP is a bunch of different Apps, each one with their respective complexity. ECC, BW, BOBJ and PI are the most popular systems. All SAP systems need to meet with their respective landscape (development, test and production) and every environment woks in their respective database instance. There are a lot of processes to be met that stresses any backup and storage technology’s functionalities to speed them. If you apply automation tools like SAP LVM (Landscape Virtualization Management) and new ways to backup/restore data on every user’s request, and also a bunch of highly trained professionals to provide SAP basis services, the result make a big difference for you, not only in cost but timing and performance. Now you can dedicate more time to your core business.
  • Big Data Analytics (a.k.a. HANA On-Demand): If you would like to have further information about it, you can also see my previous note about this technology.  Point is: we make HANA more affordable and easier for you.


We have in our roadmap new Cloud services to be implemented in the short and mid term (I don’t say long-term because it is out of our KIO’s DNA, we stay in a “sense of urgency”all the time)

  • Backup as a Service: Some of the most complex technologies and services is the backup. Backup is “the kid nobody wanted, but everybody needed him to complete the team”. We have a while doing it and probably in a couple of months you will see it working… if you pay for it ;). Our idea is to bring services, not in a retail point of view but to support more complex platforms than those you find in the cloud. A backup service with higher supportability for traditional platforms was planned for customers who don’t find an answer yet in the cloud.
  • Hadoop: We started to develop this service as an internal IaaS provider for Dattlas several months ago, and Dattlas is almost prepared to release it. I dare to say, it is one of the most fast and flexible in LATAM and of course is working on openstack. You will hear about us soon.

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