Original ideas are no longer exist?

At the time I am writing these lines I am flying back to Mexico after a good time at the Gartner Datacenter Conference in Las Vegas. I am taking a couple of new ideas that I will glad to share later after some research.  I am sitting laid back and watching a release of a new movie called “Paranoia”, I definitely don’t recommend it, it’s poor on performance and script, showing handsome young guys wearing suite and  running IT innovation departments;  probably you agree that now a days companies get its talent from smart guys, not based on the car they have or how they look like. Anyway, that’s make me think about some IT big Corporations pack with guys in suite trying to survive to their stock holders and losing the passion of getting the drop on the market through new ideas, they change the passion to create for meeting revenue goals and be in compliance with the industry. Now back to the movie, Gary Oldman said something like “original ideas are no longer exist”  just copy cats, who the hell dare to think that today? I don’t agree with it at all, I think today is easier to have new ideas, it’s much cheaper to develop them and put them in practice and therefore get money from them even just in weeks or months. A good example is crowdfounding, you don’t need to go so far to get believers on your project.

original idea innovation

How could an original idea define you as a company? Here you have my humble personal conjecture. Many times, I’ve told to my team that there are three kind of companies based on their innovation practices, the first ones are running miles behind the innovators, the second group is just meters away, and the third bunch just passing a couple of meters in front (why a couple then? As any advantage is temporary, you need to stay in permanent transformation with huge effort and dedicated resources to innovate, if you want to stay in front).

  • Commodities: The first group is just dedicated to follow or copy products and services, probably with a high level of commoditization and try to be efficient in their management and operation to keep a decent gross margin.
  • Smart followers: The second group is trying hard to stay at the cutting-edge of the technology following closely the innovators, taking from the market proof technologies to other geos or market segments with some certainty about the demand, they keep on trying and trying, the good thing is they can get a competitive advantage to be the first to offer solutions in new markets and get a higher profit of them.
  • Innovators: The third group, the most challenged, who create new technologies, services or products base on an original ideas andprobably with high uncertainty on how the market is going to respond. Usually these ideas come up from unsatisfied customers needs, they are prepared to push it until this come up in a reality and keep on dedicating resources to follow it and seeing how to adjust it. A new idea is like a baby, you need to teach how to walk and eat until he can get some autonomy, if you don’t take care of the new idea enough time, it could be burned for a lack of commitment from the sales team due to several complaints from customers, or worse, it could be copied for a competitor that could bring better execution than you: prepare your army to fight before to build a bridge between you and the rest of the world!

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