Special Christmas: Treat people the way you would want to be treated

I am not a God or Jesus believer, I do believe in good people bringing good things to the rest of the world. These thoughts go further about to be a God believer or not.  This is not a note to discuss about the existence of God, I fully respect who believes in him. All these good feelings coming from Christmas could leave you something important if you really want it. My personal opinion of these dates are not about the quality or amount of the presents, this is not a note intended to bring suggestions to buy some new released fancy devices.

I am a believer in the information, I can get taught from any reading or person, from their bad or good things, but it depends on what do you think it’s good or bad. Sorry, I just realized that I can bring you a gift, information, information that could be useful for every day in your job. A nice reading related to all this feelings about to be a good person and bring to others good actions: “The Servant” by James C. Hunter. This reading is centered at the Golden Rule: “treat people the way you would want to be treated”. This message is the biggest gift that we have received through out all times. It’s simple and powerful.

Golden Rule Xmas

You can apply these for living, with your children, your parents, your friends and neighbors. And also, you can take it at work. You can think that a company is not so altruist like help your neighbor to build a fence with any pay-back at all, and you are right, but you can bring good to your team members aligned with the company’s business goals anyway. Don’t treat your team, as you don’t want to be treated by your boss. If you want to make your team bring the best from them, you have to be a supporter not a dictator. They are not there to follow orders, they are there to help you to meet your goals, and you have to make them to believe on your goals like these goals belong to them, not because they must to feel them in that way, because they are convinced this is the path to a better life for them and their families, for their carriers. You, as a boss, you are there to support them and solve any obstacle they can face to help you back. If you get team’s affection you get their commitment.

BTW … Merry Christmas!

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