CTO plays as transformation ambassador at IT providers

Based on Daniel Burrus’s Post “Today’s CTO: The Chief Transformation Officer”. I would say I’ve felt fully identified. Business is changing fast. Any company that wants to stay competitive needs to be in continuous transformation, this is the reason of my blog site’s name.

I would say that a CTO’s standard role is to guarantee that most technology decisions must be align to company’s business goals. And this carry a lot of responsibilities, like to be in touch with any team in the organization that have to take technology decisions as part of their job.

Now, think of an IT provider that has to take care the IT operation for 500 enterprise customers like KIO. Any technology decision need to be blessed from this operational teams in order to stay aligned with the business. You could choose the best technical solution for your customer and work closely with the sales teams to get the final customer’s PO, but if the IT stuff is not convinced about this new technology, and they don’t see the value of their operation, or you don’t help them to get trained and supported for it, this could turn it out in a customer’s bad experience and you would be burned as an IT supporter and far for bringing something good to the organization.

Daniel has exposed: “CTO will need to oversee the transformation of every business process, including how you sell, market, communicate, collaborate and innovate”. Therefore, transformation is not a role of one person or department, transformation need to be played to all areas.

In case of IT providers like us, CTO is in charge of to define products or business lines that affect directly to customer services in the near-future, CTO has to be closed to the marketing, sales, financial and technical departments. Also, CTO must to lead the innovation process at any IT provider with the intention to speed and bring better quality to those processes that support all customers’ applications.

CTO office plays as an innovation and transformation ambassador, you don’t define or dictate; you do analyze, promote, negotiate and communicate. CTO does create the business and technical case to embrace and back up the transformation process. CTO does follow and support the transformation process to turn these changes into a reality.

IT Business Transformation in process

IT Business Transformation in process

Finally, you have to convinced to all your team to stay committed to play as transformation ambassador with the rest of the company’s areas, they have to stay open to negotiate and don’t give up! And don’t be a push over! Usually you don’t get results as you have planned it, be patience, there are commercial and technical variables that you couldn’t figure it out at the beginning, you have to be willing to learn from any discussion when you less expect it.

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