KIO Networks Infographic: A company plenty of innovation in 2013

Infographic 2013 KIO Networks innovation Latam Technology Mauricio Rojas CTO

2013 was a year full of innovative actions at KIO. Now that if see it, we are happy for all achievements! Here you have the list:

  • Being the first IT Provider to offer HANA OnDemand solutions in the Market
  • Implementing the first IXP in Mexico in our Datacenters
  • We’ve released our Datacenter in Container Solution called KIO ATOM (movil data center)
  • The first SAP hosting provider to offer Cloud solution as PaaS based on SAP Landscape Virtualization Management
  • First Openstack foundation member in LATAM
  • First IT Provider to offer Cloud services on Openstack in LATAM
  • Maybe we are one of the first companies in LATAM to create an entire business unit dedicated to big data analytics, this is Datlas

What do we expect to come in 2014? Well, first of all, we’ll have to promote and communicate what we’ve done in 2013. We’ll have to bring enough support to the rest of the departments to turn these new services into something steadier and more valuable for the company. Any new service is just like a new born child: now we’ll have to educate him and support him until he can walk alone!

In regards with new more services, you can find a couple of them that are planed to be release in 2014:

  • BaaS (Backup as a Service). We already have this solution to SMB through This new released product is intended for mid-sizes companies with more data to save and with more complex and critical applications including Unix, databases, ERPs, etc. Customers could be located remotely and we can also provide an appliance to improve data transfer rates locally. All the data is keep in our robust Datacenter sites encrypted in redundant IT equipment.
  • Hadoop as a Service: Datlas is preparing a new service to offer Big Data Analytics. This solution is under developing and it will be released 2014/Q2. This solution is build on top of OpenStack to provide a better go-to-market experience for users and today is bringing a pretty good performance in comparison with several market leaders, although we expect to improve it more.

I have to thank every employee at KIO for helping to make true all our projects. Special thanks to the Technology team for all the commitment and sense of urgency during this almost past 2013 (in just few hours…) Now you can see the results!

Happy and successful 2014!

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