I want to be Jordan Belfort

Just arriving at home after watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” I started to write these words. What is my opinion of the movie? Answer: AWESOME!

What a way to motivate the team and get the “best self” from them!

How do you stimulate your team? promoting team working; convince them to be committed with their job because could be the best for their carrier; or trying to bring some kind of economic compensation to push them to be aligned with your goal as a leader or manager.


Whatever you think could work; it never will be better than reduce your most important goal to “You will be rich”

You will be rich – If you see most of your workmates are already rich thanks for believing on their leader, what other testimony do you need to be convinced?

Ok! You are not a stockbroker, but you can try to figure it out how to simplify your set of strategic goals in a short powerful message. Look for some teams members’ testimony that got success and happiness thanks to it; or if you are new on your position, just show it through your own work.

The big challenge: finding the right words.

But don’t forget: Make it simple. Be Jordan Belfort

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