Working a year in a dog’s life

working a year in a dogs life manuricio rojas blog

This is my 21st post and I realized I’ve been working at KIO Networks since 20 months, 20 months that seem to be 80 months. Some KIOs told me: A year at KIO is like a year in a dog’s life. Now, I can say I fully understand what they meant.

I’ve learned so many things throughout this journey at KIO, I’ve learned from every success, but even more from every mistake.

Culture is a key, and it’s not the exception for us, that’s why we support this culture on values. Our values are reinforced through every decision or call:

  • Trust is the worthiest value. If you lose trust, you lose everything else. You have to trust your suppliers, employees, co-workers, managers and bosses as the main attribute to start something. Trust is availability, but it’s also to be focus on the highest professionalism, to make sure that  you will be listened and understood, that every success will be kept, and every mistake will be solved and managed to avoid it again in the future. That you will be warned from good and bad news with honesty: If somebody tells you to take care of something, he/she will be expecting that to happen.
  • Flexibility means adaptability, adaptability to new circumstances with advocacy, it doesn’t mean just to say “yes” and not foreseeing consequences of this answer -that means to be careless and irresponsible-  You have to understand what is needed and what you need to accomplish, and get information at the most basic level for your mates or customer needs, as well as getting and accepting the advices they can give you. Sometimes your mates or customers won’t think like you,  it is your duty to make them understand your point of view without imposing anything. Sometimes is not what you think, and there is the moment when you have to find the way to adapt yourself to the circumstances with responsibility.
  • Commitment: Your job is not defined for the position; it’s defined by your daily business’ support and stepping out from the cage built by your job description.  Other guys will be waiting for their call, or they will tell you “let me check out and see what we can do”, KIOs won’t. KIOs transform every call into their own call and they will find the way to help you out. No matter if you’re a customer or another team member, you will be always supported.
  • Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean not to be afraid of change, but you have to be completely afraid of not doing it, embrace the change as a constant. Innovation does not apply only to one department; it could show up from any corner. Innovation needs to bedefied at the very beginning to turn ideas into reality; every employee has to cooperate on it. Other company’s employees wait for the other mate’s move before going forward, KIOs don’t stop to support you in every step. We can’t give up; new solutions don’t start easy, but they find their tipping point to greatness if you don’t give up.
  • Sense of urgency: set your priorities and give them the required real sense of urgency. However, priorities could not only be necessary attached to your position’s responsibilities, business’s priorities are first, and these could be leaded by other mates or company’s departments, and this fact doesn’t mean it will be less important or required less urgency;it’s not only to spare time to attend to any everybody else.
  • Agility: do it in time. What everybody wants is to get the tasks done! You can try to do a perfect job, but it’s nothing compares to getting jobs done, and done means in time; and solving exactly what your mate or customer requested and not less.

If you are new member at the company, probably you could be disoriented like I was at the beginning. Don’t worry, listen and try to cooperate whenever you can, you will find the opportunity to develop these values in less time than you might think. If you want to send your resume to KIO, pay attention to the values, you could be frustrated if you are looking for a normal job between 9am to 6pm.

A couple of months ago I read “Quick and Nimble” by Adam Bryant. I think is a excellent reading choice to understand how culture could define the success of any company based on several known CEOs’ statements. There is something that make me pay attention and it is not to lose the essence of a start-up no matter how big is the company

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