Teamwork means a better job for your customers

Attitude changes your entropy

Attitude means culture

Customers want their jobs done. More than a perfect job, they want it done.

And usually to make a job done depends on more people than you, your team.

Teamwork is essential.

The best way to show teamwork is under unfavorable circumstances.

Supposed you have agreed to finish a job for your customer at specific date. Over that date you haven’t finished it because your mate hasn’t supported you with his/her part. And when a customer complains that you haven’t done what you committed to do, what will be your answer?

  1. I haven’t done it cause my mate hasn’t finished his part.
  2. So sorry, it will be done by tomorrow’s noon. And probably you will have to finish it by yourself with or without help from your mate.

Now. What is the right answer if you want to show yourself as a committed professional and somebody that pushes teamwork?

If you’re a manager, you have to eradicate any bad attitude like the answer “1”. We’ve always said: “La ropa sucia se lava en casa” or “you shouldn’t wash your dirty linen in public”. Don’t show internal team’s conflicts to your customer, and even to the rest of the company, they will think you don’t have control on what you do, and there is not a committed team behind his request, and probably this customer will find other provider to respond his demand. You have to solve all these conflicts as a team quietly.

Communication is a big part of the solution.

When you are having issues like I’ve mentioned as a team, an important part of the solution is take the phone and call to the mates who are involved in this situation. You can’t not solve it through an email message –this will be the beginning of a no ending email storm- you will not detect what are the sentiments behind the words. You have to make them understand there cannot be team’s issues when a customer is in the middle.

Is your attitude helping to get a better teamwork?

If you want to get better communication and solve team issues, you need to start changing your attitude and show with your own actions there could be a difference.

Try people with respect, and with respect you need to listen to your mates –not just hear them- and understand what they need from you to make a better job. Usually, they don’t need an answer; they need some actions or just being listened. And these actions come with commitment.

But, how do you get commitment from your team’s members?

You cannot be to convince them all the time they have to make their job…

You have to figure out how to motivate them, and if they are motivated you will get commitment.

I don’t know the exact formula to motivate people. Every person is different, and has different aspirations. Maybe, you have to start by recognizing their success now and them, or moving them to other position or role where their skills could fit better. You have to figure out what is the potential on every member of your team.

The best starting point is being closer to them and keeps an open communication with respect.


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