First OpenStack Foundation Day in LATAM

April 29th we have our first OpenStack Day in LATAM sponsored by several companies like Rackspace, Arista, EMC, NetApp, IBM, Huawei, Oracle, VMWare… and of course KIO. You could se more details at

The main target is take OpenStack’s community closer to our region and prepare our market’s leaders to get advantage from this amazing new trend.

We’ll have speakers like Alan Clark –I will listen to him for the first time ever, Do you believe it?- It would be nice to have a strategy view of the community and their future out of so many technical chatting. Also, we’ll get more information related to the network control project that starts from Havana version.

I will have a small window to speak about “The difference between an open standard and an enterprise cloud model”. For most of techies, this topic is so simple that it doesn’t bring useful information for your current journey to perfection. It could be useful, indeed, for some users that want to start getting more advantage from the orchestration of more IT resources than virtual machines.

As I’ve told in my previous blog’s notes –you can read them all to find out if it’s true- cloud is just a financial service model. Cloud is a good option to lower your IT operation costs –well, it depends on the volume of resources and the type of services you need to externalized as I’ve mentioned in my previous note– by sharing resources with other customers; and industrializing the IT operation through out orchestration and task automation.

OpenStack is helping companies to get standards to speed the operation and provisioning of network, storage and computing resources. OpenStack is helping companies to understand the savings that an open standard cloud model can bring to them. Openstack is changing the way to develop applications and make them more cloud friendly, elastic and ready to support failures of any type on any resource at any time. OpenStack is speeding the cloud hybrid operation model adoption and the commoditization of any infrastructure component. OpenStack is changing the way to consume cloud and the way to buy hardware and software.

OpenStack is a new Age.

There are people that hate it, love it or don’t understand it.

There are companies thinking on OpenStack as a menace. The true is, OpenStack is a huge non-governable good idea that nobody can tell how it will be turn it out in the future.

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