Following OpenStack Day LATAM 2014

want to share some pictures and say thanks to KIO Marketing Team for that amazing production and our sponsors for their support: EMC, CloudIT, Arista, Huawei, Intel, RedHat, Suse, Rackspace, VMWare, HP, IBM, Oracle, NetApp and of course KIO Networks.

Guillermo and Francisco showing how Heat works and help to speed app provisioning


To be more accurate we’ve got around 270 people. Alan Clark has mentioned he was really amazed with the quality of the production and the crowd. more people than any other OpenStack Day ever…


HP took its part in the break out sessions or workshops


Also, Juan Manuel made his part


Victor Barrera (Datlas) showing his experience with Hadoop on Openstack


Intel who was with us form the beginning


People made this event their own


Jesse Noller who was bringing a nice Pacific Rim analogy

OpenStack Day LATAM 2014

The Panel to close the event. nice People and good answers. The best one: “Let’s do our next OpenStack Day next to the Ocean…”

Me and my KeyNote

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