#EMCWorld14: Redefine our business, but let’s keep the traditional stuff for a while

Joe Tucci have told that EMC will support you to reach what we can say the third platform generation (mobile, cloud, big data…). But also, there will be the traditional applications like Oracle, SAP, IBM, Java… – don’t kill the messenger, he has showed their logos pretty clear in his slide as the traditional stuff –

(What a nice stage, EMC knows how to impress customers)

emcworld14 mauricio rojas cto kio

Redefine is a strong word, I have to concede that EMC is being through a journey redefining their product strategy. Try to Live with the VMax, VNX, DataDomain, Avamar stuff with the most innovative like XtremIO, ScaleIO, ViPR, Pivotal…

Glad to see how a company like this can keep his core services and promote the next innovation cycle so openly. The business vision has made of EMC one of the most successful Global IT companies.

Also, I have to say that now, I am 100% sure I am a software guy. I really hate when people start talking IOPS and latency, I think is a overrated way to sell storage performance capacity. I think they could bring more room in their first key note to speak about scale-out architectures and their benefits for data management as the next storage generation – They did it at later key notes anyway – Performance commonly depends on how the application is designed. Today Online Application are smarter and don’t require to rest on Expensive High Performance Infrastructure. Well, there will be very specific cases to justify millions of IOPS to support an operation, but I am still thinking is not the most efficient way to speed transactions.

I really happy that EMC had acquired DSSD and discover that Andy Bechtolsheim was the brain behind as he made with Arista – Actually, Andy started to mention his job with Arista and I didn’t see Joe Tucci happy to hear about it through out his Key Note – However, I don’t fully understand how this fits with the recent XtremIO acquisition.

Here you can see Andy and Joe Tucci

joe tucci and andy emcworld14 mauricio rojas cto kio

I am glad also to see EMC have acquired products like ScaleIO – I like it, allow you to use commodity hardware to lower costs –

ScaleIO EMCWorld14 Mauricio Rojas CTO KIO


And the strategy to integrate OpenStack and Hadoop.

Hadoop EMCworld14 mauricio rojas cto kio

That’s all…

I will talk a bit about ScaleIO next


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