#OpenStack speeds Loosely Coupled Scale-Out storage Type’s adoption

In my previous notes I’ve shown the definition of Loosely Coupled Scale-Out Storage Architecture and I’ve mentioned some products and vendors as reference. #Ceph, the open source project, and its block storage presentation, is an example of this type of solutions. I’ve exposed as well how #Ceph integrates itself to #Openstack as a block and object storage system, and I have to say that I personally prefer to work with #Swift instead #Ceph object storage to simplify the management and the architecture. However, we’ve got cool performance storage results directly from a Virtual Machine with #Ceph block storage system, the block device under tests was provisioned through #OpenStack Cinder – you can see these results in my note called “#Ceph: The most affordable flash storage to speed your Cloud (our labs results with #OpenStack)” – #Ceph helps you to lower your storage costs at the level that you can work exclusively with SSD drives.

cartoon ceph openstack emc vipr scaleio vmware nutanix amazon loosely coupled scale-out distributed shared nothing cto mauricio rojas

On the other hand, there are other storage solutions of this mentioned type that can help you to get the features that I’ve just mentioned with #Ceph, solutions like EMC ViPR and specifically its Block Storage solution that came through #ScaleIO, a recent EMC’s acquisition.

As I’ve written in my note called “#EMCWorld14: ScaleIO or ViPR Block – A brutal paradigm change to innovation“, #ScaleIO helps you to lower your storage cost – for an additional software cost license base on your raw capacity –  bringing the flexibility to work with commodity hardware. You can choose to work with SSD disks exclusively as we’ve done with #Ceph to get a valuable performance to speed your VMWare Cluster’s IOs. Also, you will get awesome capabilities to scale-out your capacity and the advantage to upgrade your hardware without any disruption at all to your cloud service. The ScaleIO’s dashboard is remarkable, it’s simply and helps to understand how is your storage system heath in a glance.

Something is missed on this story: Does #ScaleIO really work with #OpenStack #Cinder?

The answer is apparently “yes”. Some days ago, one of my mates has shown me a note called “Preview of #ScaleIO and #OpenStack demo at EMC World” by Nikhil Sharma (@NikhilS2000). You can see info about this important demo that, like you, I’ve missed at EMC World. Nikhil shows us perfectly how the integration works among these two techs with Nova and the interaction between. I am really excited to start doing tests on our own cloud stack based on #OpenStack #IceHouse.

As you can see at the Cinder Support Matrix, It’s a long list of vendors and products, but ScaleIO is missing like other solutions of this type: Nutanix, Pivot3… However, you can find products like VMWare, Nexenta, SolidFire…

Anyway, we are sure storage products of this same kind will increase this Cinder’s supported number in the near future – extra officially, we know they are already working to integrate Cinder as soon as possible – Finally, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the #OpenStack’s abstraction will speed its adoption.

See you around!

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