Meeting Kio Networks (Mexico City- Santa Fe)

Julio is one of our new members, and he is in charge of bringing strategic support to our backup/storage developments and strategies , Welcome to KIO! see his first impressions

What a beautiful place! Incredible how many technology services and technology players are present here in Mexico City – Santa Fe.

If I had to draw a parallel it would be that of Down Town San Francisco with a pinch of Santa Clara Silicon Valley Enovation right in the middle of Mexico. Technology Innovation is coming from companies ready for the biggest global challenges like Kio Networks.

Kio networks is a true innovator in Latin America with a solid Cloud / Openstack practice capable to address large enterprise needs yet be quick and nimble enough to address the booming Mid-market in Latin America.

Recently, Kio acquired RedIT an infrastructure company in Latin America including a data center in San Diego, CA.

Quote:  “The acquisition brings Kio Networks a control over 12 technology campuses and 28 data centers in Americas. More than anything else, this acquisition expands KIO Network’s footprint to…

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