Difference between Virtual Data Center and Cloud Computing

Good Post! Orchestration matters!


Many Companies think, virtual Datacenter infraestructure is a cloud computing, but is more than that

A virtual datacenter has the benefits to consolidate your applications in virtual machines using less physical servers. High availability, workload provisioning and management are features that helps to operate more efficiently, but stills need the IT staff to support it.

When creates a Cloud computing infrastructure refers that the whole components (network-compute-storage) are orchestrated in order to deploy a virtual machine or a fully integrated service by group of vms, applications, firewalls, in minutes. this allows you reduce the reliance of the IT staff , because has Self-service Portal, scalability, monitoring, chargeback reporting.

Self -Service Portal allows any user the ability to create, delete virtual machines, scale up-down resources (cpu,memory, storage ) without IT staff intervention.

Chargeback reporting, refers that can track the resources consumption (bandwith, cpu, memory, storage) so you can get a report…

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