SDN puzzle

Erick shows us to not lose the big picture when you think in SDN. nice post!

Tech POV

I remember a parable about six blind me trying to describe an elephant based only on their own touch sense. Each one of these men, had the chance to express how that “thing” could really be like… one feels the tail and says the elephant is a rope, one feels the trunk and thinks it’s a wall.  Another feels the leg and thinks it is a tree.  Eventually, the men realize they have to discuss what they have learned to get the bigger picture of what an elephant truly is.  As you have likely guessed, there is a lot here that applies to SDN as well.


 Each IT professional creates its own ideas of every technology that passes through his hands or mind, according to the role that the engineer plays in the organization. For example… based on my wider experience on networking stuff, I’m most interested on orchestration, automation…

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