Data is Alive! Where does yours live?

Your data deserves the best backup solution, it doesn’t matters how many copies you have among Clouders, backup cannot be replaced.

Think of your data as a living entity! If you lose your data your business will fail. So, your data deserves a good home. It’s that simple

With new technology advancements and the business pressure to cut costs; our data is moving homes continuously. The homes are Physical servers to virtual appliances and now the Cloud

You deserve a strategy that will address all of your data regardless of it’s current home

In the US, we have transformed our environments from Physical servers into virtual environments either VMware or now HyperV. Adding to this trend there is also a movement across hypervisors.

There are major savings achieved by consolidating all hardware based servers into a virtual state not to mention all the other benefits associated to being free from hardware drivers. Portability!

In the last few years there has been a big push into the Cloud and clients are moving…

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