Open Source on the Enterprise: Debunking the myths

There are more than one reason to start using Open Source, if you don’t notice that you have already begun…

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I would like to start my first post on this blog by discussing one of the most interesting topics for us who work on Open Source Software (referred to as “OSS” from now on). Questions that, on meetings with enterprise customers or even with providers, I have been asked many times and I would like to share with you.

Open Source lacks of support.

Well, big vendors like RedHat, IBM, HP, etc. have adopted open source and fully supports it. Anyway, there’s plenty of people like us who will gladly support OSS based systems or even build a cloud around it!

Open Source has bugs and it’s not proven/it’s not good.

The open source development cycle is much faster than propietary one, there are some studies [1] that show us that the average time to resolve an application problem is 6.9 days to on-house developed code and 6.7 days for…

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