It’s all about perspective!

Julio, nice point of view or I should say “perspective”. We can add an option with object storage, just ask to Omar what he’s doing with OpenStack Swift to sync & share files directly from your desktop. Best!

Kio Networks Kio Networks from inside a technology office

It’s all about perspective!

In this picture you see our logo “Kio Networks” and a set of very small buildings in Santa Fe, Mexico DF. In a personal post to my friends I shared this picture and said, this is the view from my office, the logo is not Photoshop work it’s actually on the window.

It’s all true! However, it gives the impression that I have the view right next to my office. What does not show in this picture is the fact that there is yet another office behind the window and clear glass with no logo facing the outside.  I’ll make sure to take a larger view picture the next time!

You might be asking, what does this have to do with my key points of interest? Like, data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, data restore and storage?

Perspective is…

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