Journey to SAP Cloud-ization

Emilio, happy to have your experience onboard. we’ve got a while working to innovate in SAP and I am pretty sure more cool stuff is coming.

This is my inaugural post in this blog. Before anything else, a quick comment on the past year and a half, working on different initiatives to develop, build and commission SAP solutions on the cloud for KIO Networks.

This has been an amazing journey where I have both added value using my technical and management skills, but also learned a lot. I can tell you, ‘a whole lot’ of learning. Many lessons on how to leverage technology, orchestration and automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs, in order to offer better solutions to our customers.

I believe that the choice to move from SAP Operations in KIO (after 5 years) to the Team of the CTO was the right one. Thanks a lot to Mauricio @pinrojas for inviting me to join. I feel from my current position I’m contributing more to the organization, and also personally feel better given the…

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