Are you gearing up for SDN?

SDN will reduce your cost and make your life easier.

If you are in the IT world and you’ve been attending IT conferences lately, the term SDN is now most likely implanted in your head like an inception (…in science fiction) was performed on you.

The reason we’ve been hearing so much about Software-defined Networking lately is because it has the potential to change the course of how we do and see IT. SDN is the newer trend in networking and we should start preparing for it. And what better way to prepare for something than to start from the beginning… ?

Here’s how Information Week defines SDN (for beginners):

‘Software-defined networking enables agile management of network traffic by decoupling the network control plane from the data plane, splitting the network infrastructure from the applications that use it. This gives network managers much more flexibility — and scalability — in controlling the network. It also means centralized management of multiple vendor…

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