Cloud… solely for successful companies?

Michel, I love the part: “…this incredible new Openstack, CEPH and software-defined-everything cloud IaaS at KIO Networks”

I’m certain most of you’ve heard this story or actually lived through a similar experience, in a kinda been there, done that situation… the company you work for is not doing so well, in fact, is sort of going down the drain and you, the visionary CIO, still believe can save the company from this inevitable downward spiral with your bright ideas and innovation.

The “brilliant” CEO, trying to avoid a Chapter 11 situation – and ensure a sizeable year-end bonus – comes with a “bright” plan, never tried before: cut all operating expenses… first, and this is the easy part, comes personnel, no matter if they’re good or really good, they gotta go. Not yet at the desired EBITDA, keep cutting… all non-operation related expenses – there goes the coffee, office supplies, perks, events, parties, in short, the fun part of going to work everyday. And then, the big spenders… enter…

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