Is Openstack a new Hypervisor or what is really?

Thanks Gus, Hyper-Visor is close to turn out into a commodity component (at least it’s got the symptoms ), now the war is at orchestration layer and openstack is taking advantage…


Today I received an email from customer , question us ,  What hypervisor usually use Openstack, kvm, Xen or Vmware ?

And is not the first time that customers think that Openstack is a Hypervisor
thats why in this post, I´m going to try to explain what is openstack.

A hypervisor is a hardware virtualization technique that allows multiple guest operating systems(SO)  to run on the same physical server at the same time.

The guest OS shares the hardware , such that each OS appears to have its own processor, memory and other hardware resources.

There 2 type of hipervisors

Native or Baremetal:  refers that these run directly on the physical host  to control the hardware resources and manage the guest os. Vmware, Hyper-V are baremetal  hypervisors.

Hosted Hypervisor: runs in a conventional Operating system environment,  so the hypervisor layer became as a second software level and  guest operating-systems at…

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