The KIO’s constant challenge

ready for the next challenge, and the next and next … and next! hahaha

In this, my first year in KIO, I discovered (and still) many valuables things inside the company who I want to share with you

KIO is a big corporation with a accelerated growing rate across the years, this growing (IMHO) is made with the effort of the C-Levels for keeping the “startup soul” , taking risks, thinking always in keep growing, acting as a full as customer oriented company, this is a big differentiator in this industry leading for a big american corporations…. but we are breathing on their necks!

Not anyone likes (or adapt) to work in KIO, is funny, because the people talks about the “KIO-stumization” as a natural process to transform a normal person to a KIO’s style of work, some people fails in this process and left the company in a short time, fortunately for us only a few people left.

The company velocity is fast (and sometimes the fastest…

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