#KloudCamp has arrived to Guatemala

#KloudCamp is an event to meet people with a common interest to learn or teach about cloud.

We firmly think that cloud not just can change the way that you works and make business, we think cloud can even change the way of living.

Look at the following opening video to our event in Mexico 2013 – BTW, we’ve used it again in Guatemala to open –

#KloudCamp is fully organized and produced by @kionetworks. Also, we usually have sponsors like EMC and prestigious universities. The attending is integrated by private and public companies, and students. Usually the speaker are technology specialists and consultants in Big Data, Cloud Computing and Architectures, Cloud Business Models,  Software Defined Something and so on.

The event is fully supported by the KIO’s marketing team. #KloudCamp Guatemala haven’t been the exception. Below you could see Diego, Ahmed and Michelle part of the Central America Team.

We used this time to talk with the local sales team in Guatemala. We were invited to celebrate the first anniversary for KIO Guatemala, they have been offering datacenter and cloud services for a year, and we’ll expect several more years full of successes and challenges. Miguel Crovari is our CEO in Central America and he has opened this event and present later some futuristic statement about what cloud will mean to the business and how datacenter will change around this. We’ve got also Guillermo Cruz-Gomar, our Sales Director in Guatemala. They have attended to #KloudCamp with the rest of the local team.

Below Miguel Crovari speaking to the audience

Like any other #KloudCamp, we had the presence of our Kloud Heroes, they are usually located around the place close to the audience to answer any question. Question from “how Do I move to the cloud?” or “is the cloud secure?” to “What are the best practices to encapsule frames between computing hosts and network hosts”. This time in Guatemala we’ve got to Memo, Paco, Jorge and Miguel. There was a lot of people asking this time and looking to understand concepts like openstack or converged architectures.

Also, I could share sometime with Felipe Sánchez, who is the CEO at WINGU. WINGU is a company focused to bring online services to the SMB market in LATAM. They are known from sites like suempresa.com. Felipe has shown us how SMB’s enterprises could use Cloud to fuel their businesses

Finally, I’ve got a huge standing ovation at the final of my presentation – you can see it in the next selfie -. The truth is I’ve made everybody to stand up and raise their hands to shot my selfie and make you believe that. I’ve copied this from a mexican illusionist called Joaquin Kotkin @mediabarba.

C U Next!

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