Mobile devices and Big Data makes a Global Skin

Thanks Julio… exciting use cases for Big Data, let’s our friends from Dattlas figure out the “HOW”…

So, our skin let’s us feel pain, heat, cold all over our body. This is our biggest sensor. Hmmm. By the end of this post you will understand what I mean by Global Skin.

Few years back while listening to NPR I heard a discussion about a fireworks like explosion of magma deep under water in the sea. Can’t recall the actual location. Also heard about earthquakes and how our experts are beginning to correlate data being submitted by SMS messages on Tweeter against data being collected by earthquake sensors. The power of big data! In this case, anyone with a cell phone submitting tweets are also sending in their GPS location. If these mobile devices also have other sensors as temperature, motion or cameras then it is also possible to gather information about climate, motion and even capture video streams as a significant event unfolds.

WOW! what other information…

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