Unlock your IT investment with “Software-defined X”

SD[something] has turned out to Enterprise Grade…. Good post Paco!

I know the title sounds cool, but… what is a Software-defined X?

Software-defined <you_name_it>, Software-defined X or SDx for the folks is infraestructure that “defines” its role via software, so you can configure hardware with certain inherent characteristics depending on the role they play. There are many SDxs, in an enterprise-grade cloud you we identify at least 3: Software-defined Compute (where you define compute power instances around CPU Cores attached to servers, virtualization, containers, etc.), Software-defined Network (where you define multiple virtual network architectures around your existing switches and other networking equipment) and Software-defined Storage (where you can put different disk technologies and define services like Filesystems, Block Storage and Object Storage).

What are the advantages of using SDxs? First of all, the savings of using these technologies are enormous! Using commodity hardware to deploy solutions that compete with these huge blocks of hardware vendors is a really important…

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