What is a DevOps Engineer?

The real meaning of a DevOp… Thanks Memo!

There’s a term that is fashionable and seems is here to stay: “DevOps”. There’s a lot of confusion about this term because it’s new to the industry. Is it a working position? Is it a culture? Is it a way to Organize?. It’s all that and more.

Many people believe it is “the collaboration of the departments of development and operations” or it means “using automation” and “Operate technology with agile development methodologies” once again is all that and more.

Wikipedia presents a formal definition: “An English acronym for development  and operations, which refers to a software development methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration between developers software and operations teams”.

That definition is good but is a bit too difficult to understand, it tells us a lot and nothing at the same time. Instead we will define DevOps as:

“An interdisciplinary and comprehensive movement which aims to improve…

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