The age of Data

Data brings the power to change your business!

Every day that passes the human being create a different technological things and everyone has the capability to store large amounts of information either for its own operation or save our data.

According to a study of 1999 of UC Berkeley, the world was produced almost 1.5 exabytes of unique information, many of that information maybe it´s personal information an other it´s public information and created for the benefit of humanity, the average of each one it´s unkow to me, but i think nowadays maybe a average user create a lot of data to share with her family, friends, co workers and even unkow people.

But… What happen with all that data? what about all the information that is requested by companies?  for example… nowadays almost all the markets offer a “benefit card”, with that card you have access to several benefits from electronic money to dishes or even…

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