Data Explosión in my Mobile!

Data Explosion is getting from Mobile…

I just want to share some thoughts on Data explosion and our mobile devices.

If you do a search in your favorite search engine for data explosion, you will find a lot of content!  We have been talking about data explosion in the storage industry for a very long time now. You can find many analysts and data to support that data continues to explode exponentially.

There are many areas of data explosion, there are other relevant areas of exploration like archiving data, copies of data, structure vs unstructured ratios of growth, business verticals and specific contributors.

The following just scratches the surface but it’s very relevant to me as an end user!

IDC has ran multiple studies covering the subject and you should be aware that EMC has been funding the study of data explosion, every study should show its sponsor, look for it next time you read one.

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