Feed your head with new ways to deliver private

Open is better!

Open makes easy to find agile ways to get your job done!

Open supports the permanent transformation that your business requires!

Whoever is saying that knows how exactly the market will behave in the next months or years, It’s not the best horse to bet on. IT market is changing every week …or better say, every day.

I can say what I think is the new generation for cloud architectures now. However, somebody could change it within the next hour.

cloud openstack open IT pinrojas private public hybrid


The first bricks to this new model

AWS has taught us how to control and manage compute and storage resources through REST at much lower operations costs. Companies have needed to adapt their applications and services to this new way to eat IT infrastructure components.

Companies have had to change their applications to add and remove instances without any disruption to the users. Instances that add more CPU and memory power depending on defined thresholds of their usage. This usage has been brought up as a consequence of the changing behavior of the business. IT resources that can react with so much agility to customer’s demands.

Applications need to be prepared to act with complicity to this new way to consume IT.

Traditional databases have been changed for less complexes ways to index and manage their structured data, and with the option to add more storage and compute without any concern about the complex instance’s management tasks that supports critical components like this. Databases have been freed up from non-structured objects and these objects have been stored in MUCH lower cost and less transactional storage online recipients.

Cloud makes you redefine your software architectures to get more advantage and make you to look for new talents in the human market that can help you to operate and keep this operation efficiently.

The line when private starts to make sense

Services like this must have a line that tell you when you have finished to learn and when you have started to master them.

If you have reached a certain public IT usage volume – you are spending more than a couple of 10Ks monthly – and your IT stuff is almost done with the operation, and keep the availability and the integrity up of your applications have been stopped of being a challenge months ago. Your next step should be to go to private.

OpenStack bring all the stuff through open service model like AWS and makes easier to get the power of the cloud on a dedicated platform. You will be amazed how much costs you can cut out from your current operation using private, and if eventually you run out of resources you will have public to cover up them anyway – hybrid mode has turned on –

OpenStack offers object storage (swift), block storage orchestration (cinder), compute orchestration (nova), a unique dashboard or console – hopefully not a single PAIN of glass 🙂  – to manage all your stuff (horizon), virtual network components (neutron) an so on. all these components can be accessed through REST.

Now your stuff could support your application and get skills to lower your IT costs much more passing from private to public when is required.

BTW, Do  you need somebody to take care of your private Cloud Infra? KIO will be more than pleased to do that.

See you next!

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