Why is Openstack written in python?

I just want to start to dev in Python! Nice post!

A few days ago I presumed that Openstack is written in Python and a friend asked me Why python? that’s why I decided to write about it to respond to him and for anyone who has this question. Now, justify the use of a language against other  always generate discussions and that brings poor benefits and put people in a bad mood.  I’m not looking for that in this post so I chose not to attacking the weaknesses of other languages, instead that  I will talk about some of the things that make the difference in Python.


1. Rich technical features

Python is an object-oriented dynamically typed language. The official interpreter CPython is available for all operating systems.  In Python, the first thing is readability and design principles of his famous Zen take it in that direction. It has a comprehensive standard library, and it´s popularity has resulted in an…

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