Good Overview about what Chef does.


Chef and puppet Helpful automation tools

Hi, in one of my posts  I talked about automation and orchestration if  want a real cloud computing infrastructure, and I mention some companies that has orchestation´s  products.

But there is another ways to automating using tools like Chef and Puppet, but in this post I´m going to talk about Chef

Chef is an open source platform  that helps to deploy the easy way servers, applications in physical, virtual or cloud environments. through cookbooks (recipes) are used to tell the chef-client what configuration need every node

The chef components are illustrated in this diagram


Node: Any component that can install a chef client (agent) virtual or physical server, switch, firewall, etc.

Chef server: stores the cookbooks  the policies that are applied to the nodes and metadata that describes each registered node that is being managed by the chef-client. Nodes use the chef-client to ask…

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