Very interesting use case for Big Data.. Thanks Jesus

Some time ago, I participated in a project in the meat industry for a company that wanted to optimize its production process meat products

The meat cuts cannot always get, ie if we decide to get T-Bone, we cannot take new york steak, if we take Flank steak Top-sirloin is not obtained, o so i remember

This results in a tree of options to butcher a cow.


We perform an optimization algorithm to choose the best way to cut up a cow, considering the following:

  • Market price of each cut
  • The price was obtained last week

Now with technology we can consider the following variables, for sample

  • REAL Price in the market
  • Seasonal market price
  • Wheater of cities where it will sell
  • Upcoming celebrations
  • If it is fashionablemakebarbecues
  • Feelings about beef, pork or chicken, avian flu or sickness
  • Eating habits by area

Finally, the possibilities for better analysis and optimize the…

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