Before you Manage Copy data, Manage your new Data! (Drain a data lake)

Julio, OpenStack Swift could bring the cheapest Object Storage to archive all this old non-structured data protected by a 3-way robust replication between sites. Best

On my last post,  what is copy data management I talked about the concept, gave an example workflow and pointed out my view that copy data management is IT practices focused in reducing copies of the same data set in any business.

In that same post I mentioned data explosion and copies of data contributing to the explosion of data.

Today, I like to help address even more. What comes to mind is how do you drain a lake?

Draining a Large Pool of Water

Did you know that from your active or primary data set your data is composed of 15 to 20 percent of structured data and the rest is unstructured? About 80 percent.

Now, focusing in the 80 percent of data, did you know that most of it is stale or old data?  Every day that passes data gets 1 day older. Not all data is…

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