NoSQL and its use in Ceilometer

“If we try to design an architecture to take full consistency, full availability and full fault tolerance then we are wasting our time” by Memo… see ya @KloudCamp

At this time it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard about NoSQL, however not everyone is clear about its popularity. This time I’ll talk about NoSQL databases, why does it exists? What is it, exactly? When should I use it? What about showing you an use case in real life? Let’s talk about Ceilometer, the Openstack telemetry service and why it use a NoSQL database.

The current status of the databases

Relational databases have nothing wrong, from the years has learned quite common techniques to normalize, scale them as your demand grows, and use them as persistence system. But came the web, software as a service, cloud services and startups with millions of users. And with all this, come troubles about how reach highly scalable systems.

While relational models can be adapted to make them scale, this makes them complex and get to use practices such as triple and…

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