A better world with a better Datacenter

Companies are looking to consolidate stuff in Datacenters and Cloud services to save costs – and save energy – as a customer, you may ask yourself if your provider meet with the regulations that ensure they are doing as much as possible to help this world don’t get more suffering than it has. save money while saving trees

Just days ago I was watching an animation from around the world as seen from space and in which the transformation that has taken the planet at certain points, well, in fact I would say “great transformations” looked.

The period of time that such transformations is approximately realized in some cases from 1980 to present. I have to say that although those little images endorse my conviction about the great man has ability to transform their environment, also corroborated the great capacity we have to finish it …

As an example of great development and ability to adapt and improve their environment Dubay was that in addition to being located in a desert created artificial islands and all necessary infrastructure to adapt its environment.

It’s like in the novel “Dune” by Frank Herbert in which man was adapting their environment to convert some spaces vegatación rich meadows, after being the…

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