Let your business leads your DevOps strategy

The term DevOps sounds so cool that makes you dive into python’s tutorials directly from your laptop to get some understanding why people are talking so much about it, or at least to keep five minutes chatting with any of these crazy guys. DevOps is an amazing resource to transform your operation – then your business -, and to get rid of any of these impenetrable silo’s walls that make you desperate when a customer demands an immediate response to his/her problems. You can get a tremendous agility and commitment from this team, just because these guys really love to resolve whatever challenge they’ve got in their way of proving themselves that they have no rival on this world of mortals, it’s just a matter of coding time to get rid of any problem.

Well, we’ve got a talented team on our hands. Now, it’s up to us help them to be the most effective one.

DevOps needs challenge

DevOps guys love change, they are always eager to build something new. DevOps hates monotony, they are not on this world of humans to operate and do the same thing every day. They prefer to spend time to automate it – or crack it – and then go for the next challenge. DevOps can stay months operating the same IT stuff, taking care of the same customers and solving issues as they come up. However, there will be a minute that they will not enjoy doing it anymore, so it’s important to identify this very moment in advance to move him/her out to other more challenged activities in order to avoid losing him/her interest and commitment.

devops needs challenge change

DevOps is a cool competence to get in-house, it just requires a real purpose to make the work worthy. A purpose that needs to be align with your business objectives. If you think just to try to improve your operational skill, then I am sorry to say that won’t be enough.

DevOps guys don’t care so much about the facility or if they have enough room in it to stretch their arms. All what they really want is a powerful computer with two huge screens – I am not speaking of laptops’ screens ok? – and get some online stuff to develop and make their magic –

DevOps embrace change, so does your business if you want to survive on this market full of adversities – seeing the head title of this site you will notice that time is the worst adversity of any challenge or project – That means you have to provide them a workplace where “change” should be part of the DNA, where “comfort” is associated to the way people feels when they need to communicate to each other. “confort” is not part of the scope of the operation or customer’s demands. This must be a place where managers and directors promote the change, promote a constant movement or challenges and roles, where your role will be defined by your functions, where everybody enjoys to get their job done!… without wondering if it is part of their position’s role or not, getting everybody of the team involved and getting advantage of their knowledge and not only of the job title.

This note shows you the pitfalls to avoid when you are planing to get DevOps capabilities into your organization. I’ll be quoting some of their statements though the next sentences.

Seeing DevOps purely as an automation activity: It’s truly important to get automation in all your operation if you want to be really efficient. However, Automation requires some adaptability from the company to get a real saving in your TCO. If you are working with legacy or traditional systems, it will be almost impossible to solve your issues though automation because there are so many variables to control, and these variables change faster than you could be able to automate them. You have to find an opportunity to automate all that bring some sort of standardization, like cloud for example or some applications based on open API platforms that not change over the time, they just get more features. Also, you need to focus your automation efforts on the most important business objectives, or the operation tasks that beat you most.

Overselling the concept: DevOps needs to be focus on specific projects in order to get more effectiveness. Again, this project needs to be fully related with your biggest concerns. DevOps is not a completely shift of all your operation with a innovated way or  automated tasks. If you get some issues for a bad operation because of some bad procedures, that does not mean that will be solving it by  just coding, it will require  to fix it before to automate it.

Finally, you will require to change your way to operate and sometimes to do business before incorporatingtrends like this into your organization. DevOps is a powerful tool to accelerate processes and get a more agile operation, but you have to clearly identify the opportunities where this new capability could really fit depending on your business strategy

See you next!

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