DevOps: Inglorious bastards reins in cloud market backstage

Inglorious bastards are looking for any opportunity at backstage to probe to themselves they are the best performers. They will face any challenge in their road just for having fun. They don’t hesitate to soil their hands if they need it to get an outstanding result.

Inglorious bastards are not looking for to be respected by status or credentials, because they just don’t care or they haven’t known what “status quo” means from when they were born .

They are not just working for their boss’s recognition, they work driven by passion, they work to see the results of their awesomeness, they work hard because they just love it, they work hard because they know they will be rewarded sooner or later.

Inglorious bastards are working into the most unglamorous departments in the companies, unglamorous because they are not directly connected to sales – unless you will use them to try customers directly to support your deal as a technical advisor – they are at the business’s backstage. They are the real #KloudHeroes – By the way tomorrow is @KloudCamp and you can meet our #KloudHeroes face to face to fire all your questions and they will not left one to answer it for later –

DevOps are top performers, they don’t care about their outfit style or if they have a fancy position. they are just define by their talent. They don’t have an special procedure to start doing something. They are enough clever to take decisions by their selves – of course you must clarify a purpose aligned with your business objectives, check my previous note if you are getting bored at this point –

I invite you to read “DREAM BIG: How the Brazilian Trio behind 3G Capital – Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira – acquired Anheuser-Busch, Burger King and Heinz by Cristiane Correa

It’s an amazing reading about how culture, sustained on talented people – like these bastards – can change the way of doing business and keeping it profitable forever. You can define a vision – or an almost unreachable dream – and define company-wide values through those you will encourage to have this vision, but if you don’t have the required skills and the attitude among your employees, then It will be absolutely bootless.

I’ve quoted this reading at some tweets

Why just get along with objectives that can be meeting for sure. Don’t limit talented people to just small dreams, you will never know what amazing ideas they can bring on the table to make big things happen. Talented people get bored easily and they will seek more challenging initiatives within your company or outside.

You need a bit of patience, you cannot micromanage them – suffocate them every minute – bring them some room and schedule periodic checkpoints to review commitments. Innovation will come up by itself.

And of course they will mess it up… sometimes, but they will learn form it and they will expect that you believe in them. be a leader and identify the real potential of every team member and look for the role that can fit better.

Again, you need top performers. I don’t understand when older employees ask to new ones for not being hardly inquired or challenged because the find this treatment disrespectfully. When people define protocols or procedures to talk each other is when the collective creativity dies.

Finally, If you feel annoyed for being called inglorious bastard that means you are not so lucky to be one of them…

See you next!

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