Interoperability is no longer a matter of choice for big storage vendors to OpenStack

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I was reading for some information about storage with this OpenStack new way, so I found some news out there covering proposals that involve customer experiences of deploying OpenStack and Storage vendors together technology deep-dives on Cinder and Manila; and who else but the both biggest Netapp & EMC, so I guess when customers try to get into the “Kloud” both of them desire to be present at one layer of the stack.

That´s why those brand joined the OpenStack Foundation between  2011 – 2012 as a sponsors, trying to guess their future at this point and trying to gain ground over the other to have more synergy in the field.

A diversity of applications, from server virtualization to relational or distributed databases to collaborative content creation, often depend on the performance, scalability and simplicity of management associated with file-based systems, and the large ecosystem of supporting software products. OpenStack, as the leading open IaaS capability, is increasingly contemplated as an option for deploying classic infrastructure in an “as a Service” model, but without specific accommodation for shared file systems represents an incomplete solution.

According to this, I found a IDC documentation for “Worldwide File-Based Storage 2012-2016 Forecast”, that continues to be a thriving market, with spending on File-based storage solutions to reach nearly to $34.6 billion by 2016 can you imagine this? — And the data that making me to understand why majority of companies is trying to change to an OpenStack platform, why? What do you think with this “Of the 27 Exabyte’s of total disk capacity estimated to have shipped in 2012, IDC projected that 18 EB were file-based capacity accounting for over 65% of all disk shipped by capacity…. amazing.

Netapp & EMC definitely will want to be present at this layer

So, what do you think?

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Worldwide File-Based Storage 2012-2016 Forecast

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