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Data Domain the acquired company by EMC made an IN YOUR FACE bumper sticker.

Bumper sticker read. TAPE SUCKS. Move on! Data Domain made a splash with this statement.

tape sucks

Data Domain became very popular! Tape did suck! What sucked about it? Management, media errors within backup and restore environments. When you looked at most issues they were with media management that could compound into massive issues of not just failed media but missed backup windows and loss of protection points.

Some people say, TAPE is DEAD move on.  Slight variation from the cool bumper sticker.

With the continued growth of data into the Peta Bytes PB range that I see now more commonly. I have to say! When it comes to this space of consumption the open standard LTFS Linear Tape File System has brought life into tape and in my eyes has made it COOL!   Tape might suck in the small range but in the PetaByte Range? Tape is awesome! Tape Rules!  SO, I like to propose a new bumper sticker.


So, when it comes to cost in the Multi PB range LTFS is a BIG contender. Who can be the rival? Maybe object store with commodity drives?  Not sure. However, I am certain that LTFS has given Tape a BOOST!

A linear tape file system lets you address a global file system while one of the largest tiers can be on a Tape library.  With the latest release of LTO releases http://ift.tt/Y2TH1v  20 years back, could you imagine 120TB in a single tape?

Now, in 1952 Tape was introduced! 60 years after Tape is still here! So, does it really suck? Is it really dead?  NOT! Tape rules and growing stronger!

The growth of data is in the old stale data, the archival type while the most relevant could be about 20% of total data. Sometimes much less depending in the market segment.

If you are interested in learning more look up this wikipedia entry.


Keep in mind, that LTFS was invented by IBM as an open standard! Great decision to ensure market adoption. You can find LTFS solutions from multiple vendors and open source as well for MAC and Linux

Look up cross roads


Here are some of the benefits they list.

——Start snip from their website—–

Benefits of LTFS:

  • Rapid access to data – Tape partitioning allows LTO 5 and LTO 6 tapes to be split into two segments. One holds a metadata index and the other holds the data, allowing rapid retrieval of files from any location and empowering file-based workflows within the archive.
  • Data mobility – LTFS is a self-describing file system that requires no specific operating system or application to be read. You can share data freely between affiliates and partners to enhance your business efficiency. LTFS allows tape to act like a USB flash drive; it can be “plugged in,” loaded and then read by any machine, regardless of operating system or software applications.
  • File-level accessibility – LTFS transforms tape into a file system. With the StrongBox LTFS archive, shares look just like a standard drive. End users can easily navigate tape contents via simple drag-and-drop from Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

——End snip from their website—–

What I like about this technology is that you can have a front end device. In the case of crossroads there is a NAS head in front. Here is their description.

——Start snip from their website—–

StrongBox: An Advanced LTFS Appliance

Functioning as a NAS front end to an external LTFS library, Strongbox is an LTFS appliance that never modifies files or makes proprietary changes to formatting like other proprietary LTFS products. Your data should remain just that, yours. Simply export a tape from StrongBox and read from any LTFS drive, no software or special agents required. You can share data with affiliates and partners around the world and guarantee the availability of your files far into the foreseeable future.

——End snip from their website—–

Take some time and watch this video to give you a different perspective. The video is long for my taste but it is informative.


Crossroads, I don’t know you, I haven’t met you! Here are KIO networks we are vendor neutral company focused on lowering our clients TCO, Total cost of ownership.  Looking forward to see you grow and expanding to the rest of the world.  IBM, thank you for creating LFTS and leaving it as an open standards so key innovative players can contribute to technology adoption.

So, next time I see a bumper sticker stating TAPE SUCKS! I will have a laugh knowing that PAYING TOO MUCH to store Peta Bytes of data SUCKS a lot MORE!

Have a great week!

Julio Calderon
Skype: Storagepro

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