Internet of Things

Thanks marioaaKIO for sharing this Post with us from More data to analyze using our Big Data platform. This could be useful for healthcare (prevention medicine). Thanks again Mario, keep it up!

We call this, the possibility to connect, via Internet protocols, many human beings and many devices, in the following ways: person to machine, machine to machine and person to person, using wireless technologies, big data and the cloud. Since every person/device will be connected to the Internet, each one requires an IP address and we need the IPv6 system since the current one is unable to provide the number of addresses that are required.

We will be seeing more and more the word “smart” when we refer to human developed systems, meaning that through people and processes, using the proper connectivity we will be able to take advantage of sensors attached to things, to make them behave the way we want.

What type of sensors? Well, many types. We should remember that in our smartphones we already have a location sensor (GPS), it tells where we are, and an accelerometer, it tells how we move the smartphone. But in general we may have temperature sensors, that we an use for air conditioning, flow sensors, to know how water or oil are provided, and sound, humidity, speed and many other sensors, some of them we could have embedded in our own clothes. With them, we will be able to build a digital nervous system.

Think for example in a distribution business and the highway system: RFID identification will allow proper loading of trucks whose GPS system will inform distribution managers, both at the sending and receiving ends, of its current location; highway sensors will be able to measure traffic and handle statistics that will benefit highway maintenance. You can also think in a support system for the elderly that help them in administration of medication and monitoring of vital signs, perhaps through a digital watch or equivalent that they are wearing, that informs their relatives of current conditions. Can you think of an application? Maybe for home improvement?

Only a very small fraction of the “things” that may be connected are currently connected so the future will show us many possibilities in factories, marketing and advertising, entertainment, commercial ground vehicles, intelligent buildings and health care, to name just a few of the possible application fields. Systems designers… watch out!

Those systems will handle data by the billions and more, but we are already familiar with concepts such as big data and processing solutions such as the cloud; bandwidth and IPv6 are major requirements that we have to push for and sensors are being designed and built, but must of all what is required is peoples’ imagination to develop new processes, use the telecom infrastructure and write the programs that will make things really “smart”.

Am I dreaming? No, even if today is Monday I am already awake and aware of the possibilities…


Mario Ahumada A

from CHANGE as a Service

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