KoolFit’s Backstage Interview

Before go further, I want to thanks DevOps Team for all the energy they put on this project and also the Product and Architect/Pre-Sales Guys. KoolFit is the start of something, it’s not just a product, it’s the result of our culture and talent.

This interview was originally posted at CHANGEaaS in spanish. This interview was done by Tomás Carpio to my person. I want to say thanks to Lisbeth for translating it to english:

KIO Networks currently has a very innovative product for cloud, known as  KoolFit;  Mauricio Rojas who is Kio Networks CTO explains in detail the magic behind the KoolFit, so, I go further with the interview.

Can you tell us about your career, a brief introduction for our readers?

I’m in the IT market since 99, although my studies were more related to electronics and business, I was always very connected to the software. My first job was developing applications in C ++, during the short term I started to work on an integrator for messaging applications, just at the time the e-mail was gaining strength as an application of value added in the Internet service providers (also see projects X400). Solaris was already well positioned for services like DNS, Web-Hosting Directory and LDAP. Many of these services were already based on open source, as Bind, Apache, etc. By this time I had to innovate in terms of storage and backup systems via NFS and SnapShots respectively, thedelivered differentiator was amazing versus traditional SAN solutions. It gave 10 times better performance and messages recovery and boxes within minutes; versus the tape, the cost was another 3 or 4 times less. I had to work on implementation projects of hundreds of thousands of mailboxes. This knowledge gave the opportunity to work by NetApp during 7 years, putting this kind of innovation in databases and Cloud. Back then, storage was still a unique hardware solution and gave a more direct value to the business via their software features such as deduplication, virtual clones, among others. By that time my argot was regional in South America.

I’ve being working by KIO during the last 2 ½ years and one of the company greatest value asset is in the development of Cloud and Big Data platforms with innovative solutions like OpenStack, OpenVSwitch, Ceph among others. I am pretty sure that  all the challenges that have been made, allow me reaching a more comprehensive understanding of platforms and their utility in business, which served as the basis to create the vision that drove today as technology department.

Give us a famous phrase you can remember

“To be, one must seem so I’ve borrowed that phrase from a person I worked with long time ago. It is not enough toachieve and accomplish results, you must  be convinced that you will make it since the very first moment and for that you must act on attitude and image in line with the main goal.

Where did the idea of KoolFit came from?

It was born within the Kio Technology team. We all put a part of it. People in R&D after two years of development and testing it among the closest client of the group– have achieved stabilizing the solution and managed to create amazing things, such as our own full SSD storage with Ceph under the concept of Software Defined Storage. Also, wemanaged to perfom concepts like OpenFlow, Neutron, OpenVSwitch, which now a days are the basis of thecomponents of our KoolFit solution and a part of their differentiator; we already have customers in production. The constancy of the R&D area was the key to the genesis of this product, and never give up due to the difficulties that were having along the way. KIO gave us the space to devote these resources exclusively to this innovation process and also provided resources and equipment for the lowest level of infrastructure. Then the business product areaenhanced it accurately and planned the market strategy  that allowed us to simplify the message for the rest of the organization as well as for the customers regarding the product differentiators. This also fits well with the trend of customers moving after a certain amount of instances to a private cloud, it is something that is already happening in the global market.

Together we did a brainstorming to see how to name this product and KoolFit was the one that got more votes. Finally, architecture/presales worked hard and still do, to promote this service among sales teams by using i.e. thisblog as a resource for dissemination into the market. There is still a lot of job to be done, but  we are sure that we as a team can achieve our mission.

Koolfit, is it  a unique model in Latam?

Yes. There are very few companies that have dared to push technology-based solutions like OpenStack, Ceph, OpenVSwitch etc.  In fact, KIO is the first Service Provider to be a member of the OpenStack foundation; we strongly believe in this concept.

What is the magic behind Koolfit?

Today KIO serves all market segments: SMEs (SMB) and Medium Enterprise. KoolFit allows us to reach almost any kind of market and give the dedication of resources for clients like no other does.

What to consider when choosing Koolfit?

It is important to understand that this KoolFit is focused on x86 hardware. Therefore, certain applications require legacy be transferred to this architecture. Another important issue is to maximize the concepts of orchestration and high availability and that’s tied to the architecture and design of the application. You can even get auto-scaling features to absorb unexpected internet users from burdens. It is an open standard platform, which allows you to take advantage of the endless APIs to automate your application at various levels. You can also achieve redundancy concepts between geographic sites that also allow you to stay online even in case of disasters.

How would you define this type of service unlike current services?

KIO has as its core selling mission critical datacenter services, which includes hosting, manage services and caters very well the enterprise market. KoolFit is an independent solution to the datacenter or geography or market segment. It is a solution that gives greater autonomy to the client, and it depends on him to take full advantage. KoolFit is madefor the most innovative and highest technical level users. On the other hand the efficiency and success of this product depends on reach level of redundancy and automation each client want to get, which can help  to lower your costs considerably (we have cases up to 10 times). In summary, KoolFit is for customers who dare to innovate.

How do you access Koolfit?

Today we have a prototype portal: koolfit.mx where market, clients as well as users are been evaluated.The portal has already hundreds of hits per day, although it has not been promoted yet. Many people are interestedin and not just in LATAM.

Is Koolfit safe?

As safe as any other IT system. It has Edge Firewall, Security Groups in each instance, working on high availability SLAs with 99.9%. Optionally you can include other services such as Web Application Firewalls or Backup. Safety depends on how applications are built and how they are used. There is indeed a security breach at the application level and it is free from the global network, no matter if it’s cloud or not, you run the risk of being attacked at any minute anyway.

Who are the competitors of this service?

The competition is more associated with global providers of public cloud with high levels of orchestration. We also compete with traditional cloud solutions stack on the local market. However, there is no comparison in cost and orchestration standards that our solution deliveries. Very few people in LATAM who know the technologies SDN and SDS, and actually have them built into their products. Moreover, our solution is 100% based on SSDs, today there are almost no companies offering these benefit levels with prices that KoolFit offers.

Top ten short questions, respond with the first word that comes to mind.

1. Koofit? Flexible

2. Cloud? Future

3. KIO? Innovator

4.Chile? Empanadas

5. Mexico? Enchiladas

6.DevOps? Agile

7. Ceph? Fast

8. Data? Important

9. Support? Availability

10. SLA? Commitment

Saying the a.m. answers the interview finishes and that allowed us to travel not only from the concept of this new product named Koolfit but also being the prelude to a series of interviews with technology professionals who are making major changes in the IT world and thanking the time provided by Mauricio Rojas for interview. Below you can find his social media accounts for questions and comments.

Thank you very much.

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