@KoolFit: The evolution’s code is coming!

Well, finally @Koolfit will be officially released in a few days more (24-11-2014)

We are very excited with this important step in the company. In a few days you will discover the new code of the evolution. What do we mean?

@KoolFit is not just another cloud product in the market. It’s something that reflects years of R&D’s investment. Trends like #OpenStack, #OpenVSwitch and #Ceph are converging into just one product called @KoolFit and fully supported by one of the most important IT leader and innovator in LATAM: KIO Networks.

@KoolFit is the product of our talent as engineers and our experience in the field. Every piece of @KoolFit was developed by our #DevOps and fully tested to be sure that you will get the best experience.

@KoolFit is key to transform your IT services into something much better: dynamic, faster and fully automated. @KoolFit is addressed to companies that want to innovate and transform the way to handle IT. It’s not just other option to any traditional infrastructure.

Before to start with this journey, you have to wonder to yourself:

How far can you go automate your business?

How far can you go to lower your operations costs?

How far can you go to perform better?

Take your applications to the cloud could be risky. There is no doubt that you will do it. the question is when and how. And we will bring you with the best of breed on managed cloud supported by most talented people…

Wait and see by yourself!

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