@koolfit: the evolution of the cloud is here

What do we mean with “the evolution of the cloud”?

Cloud is a so used word, that make me want to run away every time it comes up. Public Cloud makes a lot of sense for companies that want to get advantage of any online SaaS offer to lower operational costs. However, an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) depends on how much risk the customer is willing to get to manage and control their own application – i.e online services from start-ups that cannot work on SaaS –

SaaS is for companies that just want to support their services at an exclusively functional layer.

The evolution means being more confident that my application will be better supported by my IaaS’s provider. Besides Public Cloud has the same security concerns that any common infrastructure that support an online application, the market feels that Public Cloud has more vulnerabilities, maybe because end-users are not aware they have to protect their credentials, even the ones store into their smart phones.

Having a great experience as a IaaS’s customer requires more than a specific control from every end-user. Public Cloud could be affordable for Small companies or Start-ups, and the right resource to initiate online business. However, medium or bigger companies have an important amount of customers that requires better availability and performance. When company’s financials reach a certain level that can backup the next step on the evolution: protect their achievements and go for the next challenge or innovation cycle, Public Cloud’s costs and its scalability is not so attractive. an the appetite of better profit wakes up and with this, the importance of having something dedicated that ensures the protection of your most important asset: your customer’s satisfaction.

Now, Private Cloud start to be a feasible option and even a good resource to reduce your operational costs.

On the other hand, Public Cloud’s Managed Services is extremely attractive for small business thanks to their reduced fee. You can have IT specialists from different disciplines at lower rates. However, when your business and customers scale up, these rates are not so convenient and you will be tempted to reduce your cost hiring some IT professional that can support your business and bring a shorter response time to your needs. When business grew, you want to stay agile.

If your core business is selling shoes online, Do you really need a highly trained IT stuff? who will tell you what exactly buy to secure/store your critical applications’ data? How do you think to scale it up/out?

Outsourcing will be your best friend… and @koolfit will be your obvious answer.

@koolfit is a private cloud solution based on the best open source technologies like OpenStack, Open VSwitch and Ceph. Supported by the best of breed Datacenters and a team of talented DevOps with no excuses to bring the best (http://ingloriousdevops.com/)

@koolfit brings bundles (virtual private datacenters) and bare metal (real private cloud) options in a flat monthly rate to avoid any later surprise in your bill.

Go a http://koolfit.mx and give you a try!

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