Venture are moved to buy some “piece of mind” (TechCrunch)

Honestly, I thought the business value for Identity management solutions was doomed to be wiped out from this world. However, I couldn’t have been so wrong about it. Shame of me 😦

This Post from Christine Magee is showing that venture investors are moved to write “bigger checks than ever in an attempt to buy some peace of mind”. Some companies such as Okta, Centrify, and Dashlane, come up on the lines and make me go, one by one, seeing how this tech has extended its supportability to cover many of the available applications on the cloud and social networks’ sites.

Venture are moved to buy some piece of mind - Indentity Management

“Identity management has seen such a resurgence of interest because enterprises are realizing that an employee of theirs goes and buys a new mobile device or is using a laptop from home and is accessing cloud applications, and those resources are no longer under the control of the enterprise,” says Robin Vasan

Mobile devices also are changing the way to consume IT and also add many breaches to get worried about.

Most of the time I’m using my phone to read emails and access company’s application. Some days (such weekends), I exclusively use my smartphone to stay tune with the team and other personal affairs. Then, I have a mixture of social networks apps (twitter, face, linkedin), corporate apps (sales, HR, e-mail), games, and other apps for shops, coffee, travel (starbucks’ skinny vanilla latte.. yummy) and dinning activities – with my credit card number registered-

Therefore, losing my phone is worst than losing my wallet or laptop or even my car 😦

Identity Management solution is not just a solution to protect your company’s assets, it’s to get an overall protection of yourself.

Also, we can say this new trend of “Bring Your Own Device” brings some additional challenges to security management. On one hand, you can save money to your company and bring some freedom to your employees to choose what they want to work, and on the other, this gets you more breaches to be aware.

That’s all. You get further details via Another Data Breach, Another Dollar For Identity Management Startups | TechCrunch.

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