Would Bitcoin break the foreseen cloud’s adoption paradigm?

Now let’s go for some future-logistic (or maybe some tech-apocalypses)

Based on the note “These Are the Hottest New Open Source Projects Right Now” and specifically in the section “Beyond Bitcoin”, I have to say projects like Storj, IPFS and OpenBazaar make my mind rolls.

Bitcoin is a beautiful concept – some kind of altruist-  and I can think there millions, including myself, expecting what will come out in the mid-term before do anything with it. But, when I’m seeing projects like the ones I’ve just mentioned, I’ve got a bit worried – so far just a bit – and I think: Is this coming a real trend?

And how this new pattern would affect today’s cloud? And the Datacenter industry? my job?

So far, signals that make me sleep with an opened eye. Will I have to re-invent myself to face changes like this in the mid-term?

How fast your operation can change to adapt to a supposed situation that somebody get succeed building apps over a secure peer-to-peer transaction?

Would laptops and mobile devices replace centralized servers and storage in the long-term?

Is this a glance of an eventual death of Browsers, Web Apps, DNS, etc… as we know them today?

Designing to the future and see what we can do for surviving:

Maybe datacenters could virtualized millions of peers to bring proximity and the companies behind supporting this application would pay for such resources… Peer-to-peer is a solid solution. A big issue could stay on how many copies of data are saved into different users, how this can bring any guarantee that data will be available at 100%?. There is not a centralized control of what would happen.

The good thing, there won’t be a such attack like DDoS, or it will be very difficult for a hacker compromised the complete users’ database. All user data will be globally distributed into millions of devices. you will have a hash to validate every file in the network. However, It will be a real challenge to bring a good support to every user in the network.

I’m tired now, it was a long day. Good night!

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  1. This is true , but i have a big question: What happen wit the mining of bitcoins?

    To produce bitcoins is requeried a robust infrastructure of GPUs to generate Bitcoins, is needed data centers that can give the energy power, procesisng platform and security connections to their hosts for work efficently .

    But this new trend is growing so fast that make fear about whats coming next.

  2. right! one of the Bitcoin disadvantages is it requires an important amount of energy to solve many blocks. Moore law could be your friend and eventually will cost much less solve every block, but Bitcoin will expand its blocks chain… mmm let’s see.
    On the other hand, if Bitcoin got a big piece of the currency transactions could help to eliminate equipments on the street and today’s credit card processing…

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