Koolfit: Good Evening Dominicana!

My first time in Dominicana ever.

I came to support our Sales Director in Dominicana, Persiles Martinez – what a nice host BTW, his picture below –

It was a long flight connecting through Panama (7 hours between Mexico and Dominicana airports)

The event was played in Santo Domingo at 6:30 pm today (Tuesday) to a private segment. We started with our host’s presentation about our facility in Dominicana and the services that we are offering today

Later on, I’ve got my turn to talk about Koolfit and our commitment with the Openstack community

I started to talk about why we’ve decided to innovate in Openstack, Ceph, OpenVSwitch and KVM to compose our koolfit. Decisions that we’ve got validated for being the most used technologies for openstack’s users based on a survey issued at openstack summit in Atlanta 2014.

Innovation cannot be concentrated in just a company, need to be reinforced through a community concept like Openstack

With all the APIs that OpenStack and the other components offer, you will bring the enough openness to support any kind of service or application to get an awesome scalability and agility

Here you have a video of our dashboard showing a heat works:

Well, after all, people were amazed with our solution and the enablement for their services

this could be one of my shortest post, but it was a very productive day

see you around

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