Koolfit & OpenStack will meet Panama Today!

Hi everybody. Today, I have a surprise, I’ve uploaded a video with my personal presentation of koolfit. I will add english subtitles laters, it’s  a promise, but if you want to do it for me, go ahead… hahaha

Panama is an amazing city with a so beautiful weather, buildings… and ladies – hope my wife won’t read this post, and her sister, and her aunt and her friends… hahaha-

I will enjoy to share some experiences with our @koolfit solution and why we have decided to bet on all these OpenSource communities: Openstack, Ceph, OpenVSwitch and KVM

Basically, OpenSource is the internet’s king. Then, the correct question is not: Will you add some of it in your operation? the correct one is: How much more opensource will you add into your operation? If you don’t notice you are using opensource in your phone, in your apps, your web site, at home…

Then, you don’t need to develop all your IT stuff by yourself, you have communities of thousands doing that for you, and they do better…

Big IT heads like VMWare, EMC, IBM and even Microsoft with their Big Data services are using pieces of greatness like OpenStack and Hadoop…

Well, @koolfit is our answer to this trend and we’ve built a very talented team to support it

Finally, I will let you a video from one of our partners called SLM, they have developed a DVI solution for DICOM (healthcare) on our koolfit. This will bring you options to use specialists to check images out from remote places to save costs and bring agility to any required attention – I like when IT really helps people –

Be smart, use opensource… don’t stay behind your competition…

see you next!

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