#MontySummit 2015 @2ndWatch manages your workloads

#MontySummit (montgomerysummit.com) gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives to discover the most important innovations in business and technology. Here you have my impressions from one of their 30min sessions: 2ndWatch

They could calm your Pain thru the ongoing evaporating hardware environment in the Public Cloud
Mission: Helps enterprise to their Journey to the Public Cloud

What workload can I move into public from my current operation?
Manage expenses, operation and workloads in Public
Try to change paradigm about managed services



Hardware is not longer a constraint. Public cloud’s Infrastructure is synchronize with workload types
Public is driving more innovation
Most Pain into the journey to public comes from people, processes and partners.
i.e. Coca Cola have got some challenges with the super bowl campaign.. 2ndWatch could over-perform their own IT staff and partners.
CIOs need a new kind of partner
Expansion in the customer base thanks to the continuous journey to public
Tremendous headroom as an opportunity on this customer base IT budget



Dynamic competitor environment: Compete with big companies, but they are people intensive to support customers. Other are smallers… Just a complement to 2ndWatch’s services
Has been told that 2ndWatch wins for expertise in public… Very deep collaboration with amazon… like a trusted advisor.

Personally. I am seeing a disadvantage on being amazon exclusive. Rest of it sounds great!

more info at http://2ndwatch.com/

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